Workshop at The California Jazz Conservatory, Berkeley

CONCEPTS FOR SOLO GUITAR PERFORMANCE at the California Jazz Conservatory with Jan Jakut. Explore the abundance of American popular music from Gershwin and Victor Young to Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and contemporary artist/performers like Esperanza Spalding from a solo guitar perspective. This workshop centers around an in-depth look at detailed transcriptions of Bill Frisell’s and Julian Lage's solo performances of jazz standards, traditionals and American popular music and also explores the innovations of Jim Hall, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Joe Pass. [...]

Attendees are given methods of applying music theory to the fretboard and access to about 100 pages worth of professionally laid out transcriptions, arrangements and lessons (sheet music/TAB, PDF).

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The Fretboard Journal

"A few years ago, we filmed Bill Frisell performing a gorgeous solo version of "Embraceable You." A young and very promising guitarist decided to transcribe it. For a limited time, you can order this transcription directly from Jan via the link below.

Note: This was done with Bill's permission and through all the correct song licensing channels. This is just a PSA on our part in case you want to channel your inner Frisell. And don't we all?"

Jason Verlinde, The Fretboard Journal

Guitar Minute Study: Concepts for Solo Guitar

- Analysis and application of harmonic ideas found in one of Julian Lage's solo performances.

How to Use Doublestops to Accompany Yourself - Free Fallin' (Tom Petty)

Guitar Minute Study: Lines to accompany the melody of Autumn Leaves

Star Trek: Discovery - Main Title arranged for Guitar

Another take on Star Trek: Discovery. Find a lesson for Star Trek TOS here:

Hendrix Style Solo on “The Wind Cries Mary”

Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Black Hole Sun - a Chris Cornell tribute

Modal Subversions - Exceptional Harmonic Language in Popular Music.

Negative Harmony Applied to "Stella By Starlight"

How to apply the concept of ‘negative harmony’ to a standard.

Tunes that should've been turned into jazz standards

#1: Star Trek Original Series Intro

- Space... I've been to the movies recently.


Jan Jakut is an electric-guitarist based in Seattle, Washington. Confronting the musical aesthetics of Hendrix and Cobain with textures derived from Jazz, 50s and 60s instrumental music, his music explores contemporary genres in a jazz setting. Working on his first EP he is poised and determined to tour his music.

He studied for his Master's degree in Jazz and Improvised Music with the Helen A. Reynolds Endowed Scholarship in Music and worked as Teaching Assistant at the University of Washington, Seattle. His first publication for Schott Music International was released in early 2015, in 2016 he was one of the finalists in Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Music Competition.

With Juju Music Edition he releases customized transcriptions of full solo guitar performances, arrangements and educational material especially written for solo jazz guitar & fingerstyle guitar.

Juju Music Edition

Transcriptions & Arrangements:

For all inquiries including booking, accompaniment, or sheet music:


Jakut | Lukassen | Chikara, Donau 115 D`Aquisto

Blog: Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar

# 7 sheet music: 'You're Standing On My Neck' - Daria TV Series Theme (1997)

'You're Standing On My Neck' PDF

# 6 '233 Butler' - Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar

# 5 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat vs. Heart Shaped Box

Exploration in Modal Subversion: Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar. 'Nirvana's repertoire in particular is filled with many apparent cross-relations, comprising a salient feature of their songwriting style. It often seems that the moment at which the expected modality of a song is called into question by the appearance of a cross-relation comprises the song's 'hook'."

- Chris McDonald: Exploring modal subversions in alternative music

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01/21/2018, 2.00 pm Solo Guitar Workshop, California Jazz Conservatory Berkeley, California
12/19/2017, 2.00 pm Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar, Owl N'Thistle Seattle, Washington
12/14/2017, 4.30 pm Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar and harp, UW, Foege Hall Seattle, Washington
12/07/2017, 6.30 pm Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar and harp, World Trade Center Seattle Seattle, Washington
11/05/2017, 6.30 pm Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar, El Corazon Seattle, Washington
03/18/2017, 7.00 pm Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar, MoPop (Experience Music Project Museum) Seattle, Washington
10/08/2016, 7.00 pm Duo w/ Alex Oliverio, C&P Coffee West-Seattle, Washington
10/05/2016, 7.00 pm Modal Subversions III, The Royal Room Seattle, Washington
10/02/2016, 7.00 pm Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar, G. Donnalson’s Tacoma, Washington
08/20/2016, 7.00 pm Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar, Stone Brewing Berlin Berlin, Germany
06/07/2016, 7.30 pm Tai Taitano's recital, University of Washington Seattle, Washington
05/31/2016, 7.00 pm Modal Subversions II, The Royal Room Seattle, Washington
04/26/2016, 7.00 pm Modal Subversions I, The Royal Room Seattle, Washington
03/19/2016, 11.30 am karma juju, U Link Launch Day, University of Washington and Capitol Hill stations Seattle, Washington
03/05/2016, 7.00 pm karma juju, House Show Seattle, Washington
02/18/2016, 7.30 pm Quartet, University of Washington Seattle, Washington
02/05/2016, 7.00 pm Solo, solstice IMP Seattle, Washington
01/26/2016, 7.00 pm karma juju, Kakao Seattle, Washington
01/14/2016, 7.00 pm w / UW Symphony with Michael Gibbs & Bill Frisell, Meany Hall Seattle, Washington