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"A few years ago, we filmed Bill Frisell performing a gorgeous solo version of "Embraceable You." A young and very promising guitarist decided to transcribe it. Note: This was done with Bill's permission and through all the correct song licensing channels. This is just a PSA on our part in case you want to channel your inner Frisell. And don't we all?"

Jason Verlinde, The Fretboard Journal

Transcriptions & Solo Guitar Methods

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

Modal Subversions - Exceptional Harmonic Language in Popular Music.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Hip harmonies by the Beatles

- Some of the improvisation ideas are heavily influenced by Jimmy Wyble's concepts.

Amazing Grace

#2: Improvised chord-melody - with a couple of reharmonizations.

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Confronting the musical aesthetics of Hendrix and Cobain with textures derived from Jazz, 50s and 60s instrumental music, electric guitarist Jan Jakut explores contemporary genres in a jazz setting. After several years of performing, music publishing and teaching experience in Europe, Jan made his way to the US to learn about American Popular Music first hand.

He studied for his Master's degree in Jazz and Improvised Music with the Helen A. Reynolds Endowed Scholarship in Music and worked as Teaching Assistant at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Jan performs and records frequently on the West Coast, solo as well as with ensembles. With “Juju Music Edition”, he publishes transcriptions of seminal solo guitar performances and guitar methods especially written for solo jazz & fingerstyle guitar. Based on his published work and his accomplishments as instrumentalist, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services granted him permanent residency, addressing extraordinary abilities in the arts.

Transcriptions & Solo Guitar Methods


Jakut | Lukassen | Chikara, Donau 115 D`Aquisto

Blog: Grunge & Jazz for Electric Guitar

'You're Standing On My Neck' - Daria TV Series Theme

Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Exploration in Modal Subversion: Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar. 'Nirvana's repertoire in particular is filled with many apparent cross-relations, comprising a salient feature of their songwriting style. It often seems that the moment at which the expected modality of a song is called into question by the appearance of a cross-relation comprises the song's 'hook'."

- Chris McDonald: Exploring modal subversions in alternative music

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02/tba/2019, 6.00 pm Grunge & Jazz for Electric Guitar, Portland Jazz Festival Portland, Oregon
01/13/2018, 2.00 pm Solo Guitar Workshop, California Jazz Conservatory Berkeley, California
05/01/2018, 2.00 pm Recording Session, Studio Los Angeles, California
03/18/2018, 2.00 pm Solo Guitar Workshop, California Jazz Conservatory Berkeley, California
03/18/2017, 2.00 pm Grunge & Jazz for Electric Guitar, MoPop (Experience Music Project Museum) Seattle, Washington
10/05/2016, 7.00 pm Modal Subversions III, The Royal Room Seattle, Washington
08/20/2016, 7.00 pm Grunge & Jazz for electric guitar, Stone Brewing Berlin Berlin, Germany
03/19/2016, 11.30 am karma juju, U Link Launch Day, University of Washington and Capitol Hill stations Seattle, Washington
01/14/2016, 7.00 pm w / UW Symphony with Michael Gibbs & Bill Frisell, Meany Hall Seattle, Washington